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Cannabis cultivation and sales used to be a black-market business. Currently, it’s a billion-dollar industry.

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Product Placement

We’re passionate about our industry, and excited to help our clients influence the perception.

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New Media Exposure

Scaling business is an art. It takes a masterful mix of content and context to grow a powerful brand.

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Legal Referral Assistance

Through our strategic relationship with TLP, The Law Partners,  the nation’s leading cannabis attorney

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Marketing Solutions That Work

Influencer Marketing combines the viral aspects

We provide several turn-key influencer marketing services for brands of all sizes.

The Agency for Digital Influencer Marketing

Where true organic content is created and distributed

Original Networks

Our original and influencer video franchises reach millions of people every month

Sponsored Videos

A sponsored video is a unique branded video experience that is designed to help

Public Relations

It is a vast and wild media landscape, and our relationships run deep.

Product Sampling

Product sampling is the practice of providing free physical product or experiences to Influencers.

Social Media

We understand the nuances between what’s new and what’s relevant, between huge followings

Sponsored Photos

A sponsored photo is a branded photograph taken specifically for a marketer

Celebrity Sponsorships

Our celebrity sponsorships are micro-endorsement programs where influential celebrities create

Blog Post

Our sponsored blog post is piece of branded content generated specifically for an marketer

  • Our clients include leading cannabis brands & companies

    We develop and execute tailored influencer marketing strategies based on a brand’s unique DNA and goals.

  • We create and execute innovative influencer marketing strategies and campaigns

    We have developed and managed successful influencer marketing campaigns across a variety of products & services in the Cannabis industries.

  • Work with the largest network of top influencers in the US and beyond

    Our network consists some of the best and most prominent influencers with a combined reach of hundreds of millions of consumers. Collaborate with the top bloggers, video bloggers and social influencers across a wide variety of segments with the help of the Marijuana Influencer.

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